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National Wrecking Company.

The Sound of Music Reviewed at
"...And perhaps this is the ultimate summation of The Sound of Music. It appears so fully realized and satisfying that it both sounds like the ProTools windows were pored over for endless weeks and that it could have all come out in a single jam session..."


The Sound of Music ON SALE NOW
National Wrecking Company'sThe Sound of Music Now Available.

...CONSUME, CONSUME, CONSUME... After a long, emotionally draining delay, the The Sound of Music is now available for purchase by the fine citizens of Earth. At present, National Wrecking Co. is proud to offer online distribution via Shortly, a very "late 90's" style shopping cart system will be available via In addition to a CD you'll be able to pick up a snazzy nwc tee-shirt.

As always, please stay tuned.